Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Our first opening post...

Hey, how's it going fellow wheatgrassers and health enthusiasts? I just wanted to let everyone know we are going to start a new blog. Not only for wheatgrass news and info, but for anything interesting that crosses our path in your emails, and in the news.

We get lots of emails each day asking questions about almost everything concerning health, living organic foods, and wheatgrass (growing tips, recipes, juicing tips, juicer recommendations) We will actually post some of the replies here. Posts will include things about the living food diet, the vegan and vegetarian diet and any national news items we find informative ..as the mood strikes us... we will post.. so make sure to send us your comments and bookmark this blog so you can check back often. We are so excited about the raw food movement and all the exciting things happening in the natural health food industry! Give us your feedback and let's get the word out about eating healthy and feeling good!

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