Monday, November 07, 2005

Growing Wheatgrass in the Winter

We recently had a question about growing wheatgrass in the winter. Very good question! Yes, you can grow wheatgrass during the winter, in fact, that is one of the major benefits! You can grow fresh organic wheatgrass all year round inside your home! Wheatgrass grows very well indoors at a 70 degree climate. It will grow even if it gets as cold as 50 degrees, but it will grow very slow. It usually takes grass about 7-10 days to reach the perfect height for harvesting. Wheatgrass needs indirect sunlight, in other words, if you put it near a window you will have ideal growing light. If you don't have space by a window you can use full spectrum lighting. Thanks for your questions!


Supercords said...

Be sure to spray on a generous coating of Raid to supress the fruit fly population. You'll thank me later.

Anonymous said...

can i take my wheat grass if it has fruit fly ?