Friday, October 13, 2006

Wheatgrass won't grow underground....

I had a fond memory today! When I was a child there was a lot of talk about the FDA and it regulatory actions toward herbal and natural products. All of our local health food stores had huge signs on their windows encouraging people to take action and not allow the FDA to crack down on the herbal products. At this time, our family had a greenhouse in Salt Lake City where we grew wheatgrass. We jokingly said that we hoped they would never crack down on wheatgrass because it wouldn't grow well underground.

Wheatgrass is really an amazing product. It can be grow right in your own home and provide nutrition year round. If you have wheat in your food storage, if time gets bad, you can not only make bread, but you can sprout the wheat and have living food in bad times.

An interesting article on the FDA attempts to restrict availability of herbal products can be found on the Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute website.

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