Monday, March 05, 2007

Food as Medicine Trend

In a recent report in the Magazine "Natural Products Insider" Steve French reports that two out of five consumers believe functional foods can be used in the place of some medicines (this is a 54% increase since 2003). People are getting the message that we can get healthy through our diet!

My sister says she looks for foods with Calcium in them because she knows that she does not get enough. Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone had a little health monitor with them when they shopped and prepared meals? The monitor would tell them what vitamins and living enzymes their body really needed in order for them to feel more energy and stem predispostion to diseases. I have a feeling the monitor would tell us to eat more living fruits, veggies and lots more sprouts! I know my monitor danger alert would sound as soon as I reached for a piece of non-organic, greasy pizza!