Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interview with the Wheatgrass Trucker Tomorrow Night

Wednesday Night April 13th
Eastern time 10 pm, central time 9pm, mountain time 8pm, pacific time 7pm

Be sure to refresh you browser a little after 8pm (mountain)
Our guest will be the Wheatgrass Trucker, Wade Lavender. A couple of years ago Wade began to grow wheatgrass and sprouts on his truck, following almost the entire Ann Wigmore program as he traveled. He has had over 14,000 people watch his video, The WheatgrassTrucker. We have been inspired by Wade and hope you will too.


Anonymous said...

can wheatgrass help in dealing with the lazyness that comes from getting off methanfedamines i heard it can just wanted to see what others have to say

Leslie said...

great post! Thanks for sharing!

Wheatgrass UK said...

i am sure that with the help of this tips we can find safe Wheatgrass Trucker, Wade Lavender. Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

Dude ur a rockstar..!! Rock that grass on out..!